Elite Exclusive| Avant; I think Drake is Universal, international.

It is rare to find that heart stopping, mind blowing, “you are speaking my life”, soul touching music.  However it isn’t necessary to look any longer because the one and only Avant will be dropping his eighth studio album, titled, The VIII, come September 25, 2015.  Avant has given us many hit albums with songs that we all know and love: “Making Good Love,” “When It Hurts,” “You and I,” and much more.  Elite Insider’s were lucky enough to get a one-on-one interview with the ever so talented vocalist.  It is more than obvious that Avant creates masterpieces that cater to his fans and speaks from his heart and experiences.


Elite Insider Rep:  What can we, the fans and soon to be fans expect from The VIII?

Avant:  The VIII will give you some great, fresh musicianship. I am one to write from what I’ve seen and heard or what I’ve been through.  I don’t go back and try to think of things, I hear new scenarios and new situations and think that it is cool to write to. So you are going to get that but you are also, going to get classic Avant too.  Like the records that made you fall in love from the beginning.  That is what you guys can look forward too.  I’m not going to change up and make you all think “What the hell is going on?”  I’ll make sure I give you what you want

Elite Insider Rep:  What was the inspiration behind creating The VIII since last putting out Face the Music?

Avant:  Things happen to me in a flash.  When I did Face the Music I was actually about to walk on stage, I hadn’t finished the album yet, but my road manager said, “Aye, everybody get ready it’s time to face the music!”  I was just l like, “Wow that’s a great album title.”  It just comes to me like that.  The VIII, I was just happy to be on my eighth album.  I can say a lot of artists that I know, that have done more and sold more records.  But they didn’t cut eight albums.  I’m blessed to be one of the ones to still be out here and be on my eighth album.  That was inspiring enough for me.

Elite Insider Rep:  On any of the tracks are there any features that we can look forward to?

Avant:   I have a feature with my artist, his name is Malone, he is a new artist out of Chicago.  I also have a female named Vicki.  She is not on my album but she is my artist, as well.  That  is the only feature that really I did on this album.  I wanted to get everybody back to the true Avant fans that love me for Ecstasy, Making Good Love, Separated.  I really try to wrap myself with a great producer, his name is Travis Sayles, a wonderful producer.  He works with some of everybody.  But we lock ourselves in the room and come up with great music.

Elite Insider Rep: What is your favorite track on the album right now?

Avant:  Well, that’s kind of hard because I wrote everything.  I have a record, and it is called, Apart.  It is basically talking about how you can be with someone they’re busy and you’re busy, but two months ago you guys had everything working.  You had everything in common, but it only takes two or three months to realize that “I don’t really love the stuff that I loved before,” and you start to see yourself grow apart, instantly.  So when  you come back to the meeting table, it’s not the same  I have a record called, Come Get It.  It is talking about the way we cheat.  Not the young version of cheating, but the way “we” cheat nowadays.  There is a difference.  When you get a little older, you cheat a little different.  It’s giving a more grown way without disrespecting a woman.

Elite Insider Rep:  How do you feel about R&B music today with some of the newer artist that just came out within the last five or six years?

Avant:  I think it’s pretty cool.  Like I tell people all the time I’m not one to bash new age of R&B.  I just say that it needs to be tweaked a little bit.  You have to understand that you have an audience that you are catering to and what  I mean by that is that you can’t have a disconnection between you and the consumer.  And I think that in a lot of cases it sounds like we are trying the battle with the rappers instead of talking to our audience.  In doing that you have a disconnect between the audience and the R&B audience.  But you have a good connection with the rappers.  Because the rappers are like, “This is what we’ve been doing all of our lives, we ain’t changing.”  But the R&B artists are saying why are you trying to help a young lady to get deeper in a relationship, instead you are talking about diamonds, and this and that, and I will take your “B”.  It’s like, “Whoa, what happened, and you think I’m going to buy that after you just said you’re going to take my girl?”  I think we have to get back to what R&B really is, which is rhythm and blues.  It helps us to grow as people.  I listened to certain R&B artists back and the day, and would put this on and know I would score.  And if I didn’t score, I would at least feel like I scored.  I don’t want to feel like I’ve been put down when I listen to a record.  Just a little tweak is what I think.  A lot of people just need a boost.

Elite Insider Rep:  Who is your favorite male R&B artist currently?

Avant:  I have to give it up to youngsters.  They are getting their bread and are out here doing their thing.  You’ve got Trey Songz, you’ve got Chris Brown, those guys are the top of the heat right now.

Elite Insider Rep:  Do you feel like Drake is an R&B artist?

Avant:  I think Drake is universal, international.  Everybody can’t get both females and males to listen to them.  But Drake has accomplished this.

Elite Insider Rep:  What can we expect form Avant after releasing The VIII?

Avant:  I will be working on my ninth album after touring for the VIII.

Avant has such a refreshing spirit and after 15 years of R&B and no disappointments, we can trust him when he says, ” Be prepared for a journey with The VIII.”  It is safe to assume that come September 25th these 13 tracks will be a grand work of art.


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