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You asked for it and you got it. The Guru is back and better than ever before. (I say that a lot) This season we will mix things up just because I love a new challenge. For the past two seasons, I have done weekly picks articles. TOO EASY. The Guru had a great time helping you guys out and routinely picking winners. This year, and for the first time ever, I am competing in two separate Survivor League pools. A winners league and a losers league. So each week, I will choose one winner and one loser from around the NFL, but I can’t pick the same team twice. Enjoy, and if you’re in a Survivor League currently. USE MY PICKS AND WIN. I do charge an annual fee. Thank you in advance.

My sincerest apologies for not having an article out last week due to technical difficulties, my picks were on twitter and will be charted from here on out.


      WINNERS                                                                  LOSERS

1. Carolina Panthers                                                   1. Pittsburgh Steelers

2. New Orleans Saints                                                2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Carolina was a really good winners pick last week. A marginal team that has a lot of questions to be answered in the first quarter of the season, getting the Panthers off the list early in the is huge.

On the contrast, the Pittsburgh losers pick was even better. Brady was back, the Patriots were celebrating at home on opening night. There was just too much momentum and hype for New England to draw a blank. Pittsburgh will recover and should do great things this year. Week 1 was a major success on both fronts.

Week 2 was much more troubling to choose from, so this week “The Guru” is in effect doubling down on picks.

New Orleans is a great winners pick this week, and picking within the NFC South does have it’s benefits. The south is not predicted to be a good division this year, so crossing two of those teams off the list early is a great idea. New Orleans is coming off a loss and are 10 point home favorites to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Here’s a telling stat for you guys, teams that start the season (0-2) have a 12% chance of making the playoffs. Translation, this is a huge week for New Orleans.

Tampa Bay is a safe losers pick. I wish I didn’t have to go with the Bucs so early in order to save them for later in the season, but there are too many tough games this week. The Guru thought about picking Seattle, but that’s much too risky this early in the season. Tampa doesn’t have a chance and that was evident last week against Tennessee. Don’t blame Jameis. He’s in a really rough spot. Hopefully he has a better showing this week.

So there it is. Week 2 all hinges on New Orleans and Tampa Bay because the GURU SAID SO.

If you have questions for the Guru. Be sure to email him at Your questions may be featured in the next edition of “Guru Says”. The Guru played collegiate football at THE Howard University and is currently enrolled in Law School at
Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


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