Elite Picks! NFL Week 2

Elite Insiders | Jimmie Johnson

week 2

Solid first week with my opening picks finishing 10-6. I came up just short though as Trey won owner of the week with an impressive 11-5 outing. Going through the games I found a lot of these matchups could be a coin toss. It’s still early on the season so it will be awhile until we see who the contenders are and who the pretenders are. I do want to take credit for calling the Bills over the Colts last week as my upset. Although I think the Colts are a little overrated, that pick had more to do with how I felt about the Bills defense. This leads me to my upset pick this week: Jets over the Colts on Monday night. Most of the experts are picking Andrew Luck and company to bounce back, but I see them running into another top 5 defense and an underrated offense. Look for running back Chris Ivory to have a big game against a weak Colts front 7. My guarantee pick is pretty straightforward. The Buccaneers might be the worst team in the NFL and just last week made Marcus Mariota look like Joe Montana. Drew Brees at home, in the dome, against this team? Put your money on the Saints to dominate.

Jimmie Trey Chuck KJ Will
Overall: 10-6










Last Week: 10-6 11-5 6-10 7-9 6-10
Lock Pick (Green): 1-0 1-0 0-1 1-0 0-1
Upset pick (Red): 1-0 0-1 0-1 1-0 0-1
Expert of the Week: 0 1 0 0 0
Week 2 Jimmie Trey Chuck KJ Will
Broncos (1-0) @ Chiefs (1-0) Broncos Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs
Texans (0-1) @ Panthers (1-0) Panthers Panthers Texans Panthers Panthers
49ers (1-0) @ Steelers (0-1) Steelers 49ers Steelers Steelers 49ers
Buccaneers (0-1) @ Saints (0-1) Saints Saints Saints Saints Saints
Lions (0-1) @ Vikings (0-1) Lions Lions Lions Lions Lions
Cardinals (1-0) @ Bears (0-1) Cardinals Cardinals Bears Cardinals Cardinals
Patriots (1-0) @ Bills (1-0) Patriots Patriots Bills Bills Bills
Chargers (1-0) @ Bengals (1-0) Chargers Bengals Chargers Chargers Chargers
Titans (1-0) @ Browns (0-1) Titans Browns Titans Titans Titans
Falcons (1-0) @ Giants (0-1) Falcons Giants Giants Falcons Falcons
Rams (1-0) @ Redskins (0-1) Rams Rams Rams Rams Rams
Dolphins (1-0) @ Jaguars (0-1) Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins
Ravens (0-1) @ Raiders (0-1) Ravens Ravens Raiders Ravens Ravens
Cowboys (1-0) @ Eagles (0-1) Eagles Eagles Eagles Eagles Cowboys
Seahawks (0-1) @ Packers (1-0) Seahawks Packers Packers Seahawks Seahawks
Jets (1-0) @ Colts (0-1) Jets Colts Colts Colts Colts

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