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PANIC … PANIC … PANIC … Press the PANIC button. NOW. Can you guys believe what happened last week? That was the “flukeist” week of NFL action I have seen in quite some time. Literally, everything in the entire league last week was absolutely insane. Everything we thought we knew about the NFL this season so far has turned out to be a complete lie. My survivor picks didn’t go well either. But all of us should be in luck. As it turns out, my loser league allows for one loss up until Week 8, so I am still in play there. In my winner league, only two players are left, however, there are three prize winners, so everyone is back in action playing for 3rd place. That goes to show how awfully dreadful the week was for people around the country picking games. The Guru looks to get back on track in Week 3. All ready for a collective prayer? Jesus Wept. Amen. Let’s go to work.

            WINNERS                                                                   LOSERS

  1. Carolina Panthers                                                      1. Pittsburgh Steelers
  2. New Orleans Saints                                                   2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  3. New England Patriots                                                3. Chicago Bears

As previously mentioned, last week was a disaster of epic…You get where I’m going before the dorky cliche. Drew Brees is officially washed, and the Bucs’ fans can hold out some hope for Jameis Winston after he fell flat in Week 1. Let’s all put on the cornerback role and forget Week 2 in the NFL even happened. Onto the next game.

Safe bet for a winner this week is New England. The Patriots are at home and Tom doesn’t fall into the “trap game” mentality. I’m sure the Patriots are still on edge for almost blowing a huge lead to Buffalo. That was as much a wake up call as the Pats’ needed. Look for the Patriots to take care of this thing EARLY. Pats’ dominate by a score of 37-10.

The loser pick is solid as well this week. We took lumps in Week 2 so getting back on track is an absolute necessity. The Bears will be sure to lay down and die against Seattle on Sunday afternoon. The Seahawks have ALOT to play for, Kam is back and they simply cannot afford to start the season (0-3). Chicago is a mess. The “Midgets of the Midway” will likely lineup with Jimmy Clausen as the starting quarterback due to a Jay Cutler injury. Need I say more.

Enjoy your picks. Win. And as always –COURAGE–

If you have questions for the Guru. Be sure to email him at Your questions may be featured in the next edition of “Guru Says”. The Guru played collegiate football at THE Howard University and is currently enrolled in Law School at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


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