Elite Picks| NFL WEEK 14!

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week 14

Week 14 kicks off with a lot of great matchups and storylines none bigger than running back LeSean McCoy making his return to Philadelphia. This past offseason head coach Chip Kelly made headlines when he traded his star running back away to Buffalo. McCoy has taken every opportunity to voice his displeasure with his former head coach with every media opportunity. Regardless of the outcome, this is the game to watch for the week. Some other juicy matchups include the red hot Pittsburgh Steelers getting their rematch with the Cincinnati Bengals. Also Tom Brady is looking to avoid the Patriots first 3 game losing streak in over 10 years. Let’s get to my picks, the Seahawks have turned their season around and finally look like the team that made it to the last 2 Superbowls. The Ravens on the other hand might be the most unlucky team this year. The lost their starting quarterback (Joe Flacco), running back (Justin Forsett), wide receiver (Steve Smith Jr.), and top pass rusher (Terrell Suggs) all for the season due to injuries. We can’t fault them for being terrible now but it is what it is> Seahawks roll easy in this one. I’m going big for my upset this week. I think the Panthers finally lose their first game of the season. The stats don’t back up my claim, but I just have a gut feeling. On paper the Falcons have enough talent to beat anybody in the league. They have certainly been underperforming but this is a huge divisional game in which they must win to stay in the wildcard race. I have nothing to say about the Panthers, they have been playing great. However I will say that I don’t think they are going undefeated, so they have to lose to somebody. I think Cam Newton will see the same defeat as his buddy Steph Curry and the Warriors suffered yesterday. The Falcons will shock the world in a close one.


  Jimmie Trey Chuck KJ Will
Overall: 121-71










Last Week: 11-5 10-6 9-7 7-9 8-8
Lock Pick (Green): 11-2 10-3 8-5 9-4 7-6
Upset pick (Red): 8-5 5-8 6-7 5-8 5-8
Expert of the Week: 6 3 1 1 2



Week 14 Jimmie Trey Chuck KJ Will
Vikings (8-4) @ Cardinals (10-2) Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals
Bills (6-6) @ Eagles (5-7) Eagles Eagles Bills Bills Bills
49ers (4-8) @ Browns (2-10) 49ers Browns Browns Browns 49ers
Lions (4-8) @ Rams (4-8) Lions Rams Rams Lions Lions
Saints (4-8) @ Bucs (6-6) Bucs Bucs Bucs Bucs Saints
Titans (3-9) @ Jets (7-5) Jets Jets Jets Jets Titans
Steelers (7-5) @ Bengals (10-2) Steelers Steelers Bengals Bengals Bengals
Colts (6-6) @ Jaguars (4-8) Jaguars Colts Colts Jaguars Colts
Chargers (3-9) @ Chiefs (7-5) Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chargers
Redskins (5-7) @ Bears (5-7) Redskins Bears Bears Redskins Redskins
Falcons (6-6) @ Panthers (12-0) Falcons Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers
Seahawks (7-5) @ Ravens (4-8) Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks
Raiders (5-7) @ Broncos (10-2) Broncos Broncos Raiders Broncos Raiders
Cowboys (4-8) @ Packers (8-4) Packers Packers Packers Packers Packers
Patriots (10-2) @ Texans (6-6) Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots Patriots
Giants (5-7) @ Dolphins (5-7) Giants Giants Giants Dolphins Giants



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