For the thrifters ||#StyleWatch

Introducing; “My thrift. Your thrift.”

The fashion world is flooded at the moment. Bloggers, YouTuber’s, Instagram “boutiques” and the like are giving us options out the wazoo. One of the biggest trends of that fashion pool is thrifting. Goodwill’s are the new Zara… so to speak.

But not just thrifting; remaking the finds into new fashionable pieces.

“My thrift. Your thrift” is a newcomer to the world of thrifted revamps but definitely worth a look. The clothes are a plunder box of 90’s style pants and tees,  accompanied with unisex sweaters, graphic tees, and bleached and reworked sweatshirts and flannels.

Check it out:




Instagram: Mythriftyourthrift


How do you feel about it?

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