Know the real struggle…

There is a riverWhen we think of freedom, what are we actually thinking of? Are we thinking of being able to walk our dog, go on a run, or go to the same movie theatre as the white man? Do we believe there is an incognito oppression that is still currently of the African American race? Is there still black struggle that exists in today’s society?

In Vincent Harding’s text, There is a river: The Black Struggle for Freedom in America, he uses an analogy of there being a river African Americans have yet to cross. A stream that has created a struggle for African Americans and it has yet to be broken.

Although he believes this struggle is a reality, he states the ancestors of African Americans have fought through the struggle in order for a true freedom to be implemented. This flow of the river has re-created the image of African-Americans in today’s society. Essentially, the oppression is still here and the black race is still fighting it.

Movements such as #Blacklivesmatter or #Justiceorelse is an example of Hardings Ideology. The African American race has fought for numerous of years and has progressed in the right direction.

Is Hardings ideology true? What’s your opinion of the “black struggle,” Comment and share!!!!


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